How to Help Your Customers Reinvent their Summer Wardrobe?

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Summer Wardrobe ideas from La Moda

Summer Waredrobe ideas to have in your trendy boutiques. Looking for fashion clothing wholesale already? Well, we are not surprised. As the temperatures continue to rise, your customers’ style needs to follow suit, and they have to revamp their wardrobe with fresh, elevated summer looks. With such unprecedented technological strides and the internet at your disposal, there’s no shortage of summer outfit choices — the only thing your customers should probably worry about is that there are too many of them! So do you think it’s time to spoil them with choices?

We are about to be in the thick of the sweltering summer season where the tans are popping. The warm weather also brings some severe, but universally challenging outfit issues. The weather’s heating up and the weekend adventures require cute outfits, and revitalizing one’s summer wardrobe is an activity you are probably not alone in anticipating.

You have to provide your customers with not only comfort at reasonable prices but also clothes that are ideal for summers. Here’s why and how you should enable the transformation of your customers’ wardrobes!


We know that fast fashion is still pretty much the trend, but a great deal of merchandise from high-street stores is made from poly-blends that aren’t breathable. And, the worst part — they often tend to hold on to sweat stains.

To ensure that your valuable customers stay cool on steamy days, it’s best if they go for materials like cotton (Supima and Pima being the best, but any variety is just as good). These fibers are hollow in the center, allowing them to absorb and release perspiration quickly. Linen is more durable than cotton, a better conductor of heat, and a solid summer material. Indeed, it is the most breathable fabric out there! Also, contrary to popular belief, silk is natural, breathable, and cooling. The only downside is that it has to be cleaned frequently, especially if one sweats.

Baggy or Flowy

Nothing beats the heat like an oversized shirt or a pair of jeans. It is perfect for that laid back feel of the summertime. What would you say to pair baggy jeans with a white tank top and some accessories to feel chic and never sloppy? We bet your customers would love this look! Also, ensure that you go for lighter colors because not only will they keep your customers cooler (black absorbs more heat), but they also have a light, airy feel that is synonymous with summer.

Flowy dresses, loose-fitting cute outfits, skirts, and tops are better than form-fitting. The summer calls for lighter fabrics and not anything that is skin tight. One will probably always go for skirts and dresses made in light cotton, chiffon, silk, lace or crochet.

However, remember to avoid flimsy fabrics. Lightweight materials are excellent for hot weather, but they also need to have some structure like seams or embroidery so that they don’t cling to the body the minute someone starts to sweat.

T-shirt Dresses

The throw on and go T-shirt dress is ideal for summer. One can wear theirs from day to night by transitioning into slightly fancier footwear and some fun accessories. T-shirt dresses don’t weigh down on anyone’s body; they are super easy to travel with, rarely wrinkly, and don’t have to be dry cleaned! They may be hugely popular with your customers, so invest accordingly!

Turbocharging Swimwear

When it comes to making a statement, the pool is one area where one can really cut loose. Go bright, go bold, or, better yet, do both! The glorious feeling of the sun on our skin after having been slathered in generous amounts of sunscreen, of course, will be liberating and truly invigorating as we strut about in our swimwear.

This summer, you should up your swimwear game — from highrise, one-piece designs to cool cut-outs and sheer paneling or wrap around styles and lace-up looks, ensure you have it all because your customers will surely be looking for it! This season is mostly about flashing some skin.

Nonetheless, please ensure it’s absolutely okay if your customers are conscious about their body or are more into subdued styles by having an accommodating, all-inclusive collection. You can invest in high waisted bottoms and retro or a chic, sports style with crop tops, and zip-up pieces.


Distressed denim, paired with dressier/fancier pieces, results in a bold and beautiful look that is totally in fashion. One can try their jeans or cutoffs with a flirty top and a pair of bright slides. Make sure you pick up tops or pieces with a serious punch of color like blue, coral, or yellow to ensure a rejuvenating summer look for your customers. Nothing beats pairing summer brights with neutrals they already know and love.

It’s also the perfect time to find a new pair of sandals. Slide sandals are great for their ease and comfort, much like flip flops. You can let your consumers experiment with designs and colors, and take their summer outfit to the next level.

Summer and fashion do not always go hand in hand. Looking good comes easy when the temperatures drop. Probably, some people already associate summer styles with the preppy look, and while it definitely has the spirit of comfort, preppy does not have a monopoly on warm looks.

We know you’d hate for your customers to throw away their old clothes. We’re huge proponents of utilizing the benefits of wholesale fashion clothing, mainly because we know people will probably be on the fence about whether to dig a massive hole in their pockets while investing in cute, trendy summer outfits. Unfortunately, wholesale fashion clothing is grossly underrated!

Whether you want athletic, edgy, trendy, or anything in between, this is the summer to step it up and make it happen with La Moda Clothing because we are a solid bet. When it comes to summer fashion, do not sweat it. Invest in trendy, chic summer outfits and wholesale swimwear. We know how to keep it lightweight and functional and remain true to our aesthetic!