Comfort Made Sexy by ©La Moda Loungewear

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La Moda Loungewear offers Comfy clothes whih are kind of, well, the best–which is why it’s often sooo hard to change out of your loungewear when you need to leave the house. But what if you didn’t have to? These days, casual staples like knit joggers, elasticized pants, and sweatsuits are totally acceptable to wear out into the world–as long as you keep them looking elevated. How, you ask? By balancing your relaxed pieces with polished extras–and using a few styling tweaks!  Get inspired to upstyle your cozy clothes with La Moda women’s loungewear outfits that are chic, cool, and meant to be seen in public!

Loungewear is a style that has evolved from the kind of clothing that you wouldn’t really want to be seen outdoors in. Usually involving comfortable styles that allow you to relax on the sofa, loungewear has now become a trend in its own right. With streetwear-inspired designs that remain comfortable but also acceptable to leave the house in, loungewear is a go-to for those easy to wear clothes that can be worn for running errands, off to the airport or shopping. Loungewear for women often includes tracksuit sets and other sporty designs, often crossing paths with the popular sports luxe trend. The most popular type of women’s loungewear is the set. Similar to a tracksuit but much more stylish, it involves either a pull-over hoodie, sweatshirt or t-shirt with matching trousers. Providing you with a full outfit with minimal effort, it’s the easiest ensemble to wear if you just want to look and feel comfortable.
Depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve, keep it casual with a pair of trainers and even a cap. This is perfect if you have a busy day ahead of you, or if you’re travelling. However, loungewear has recently crossed over into other looks too. Pair your tracksuit bottoms with a bodysuit and pair of stiletto heels to upgrade your look. It will give it a more glamorous edge.